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Hello to participants of the forum!
Sorry for my message in English, I can't write Russian. Please forgive me and respond in Russian, I will translate!

I am an amateur in acoustic design and some questions arose in the development of a dream 3-way loudspeaker which I cannot answer.

The design follows the guidelines set by AML and S. Shabad in the following topics:

Top of the column open case, like an old radio.
Bottom of the column, acoustic monopole according to the scheme:

The selected MF driver is the 10" speaker from the Telefunken 8001 radio. The HF tweeter, JBL 2420 in a conical horn.

The questions are about how to choose a suitable LF speaker? What objective and esoteric parameters are important for a successful bass?

For example, if we choose a 12" woofer to play the range of 20 - 100 hz as indicated in the diagram of the column by S. Shabad above:

1) what should be the optimal value of Qts for the woofer in this acoustic design?
2) what should be the optimal value of Fs for the woofer?
3) what should be an ideal sensitivity for the woofer, to play in correct volume with the MF and HF link, and to not disturb the overall efficiency of the speaker system. can we say 94-95db is enough?
4) what should be an ideal impedance for the woofer, should it match closely the impedance of the MF and LF link? if it differs, how can this be corrected in the network of the speaker?
5) a large mH value coil will be required to separate the woofer at a frequency of 100hz. values this large are typically not sold in stores, it is necessary to wind a custom coil?
6) a capacitor should be connected to the LF coil in parallel to shunt the out-of-band resonance of the woofer. how to determine the value of this capacitance?
7) of good vintage options, are there any woofers which meet the criteria for this project?
8) if the size of the woofer is adjusted to 15" instead of 12", how does the volume of the acoustic design change?
9) will it be realistic to use an amplifier with a power rating of 3 to 5 watts, that is single-ended, to drive the complete speaker? or should multiple amplifiers or amplifiers of higher output be considered.

I apologize again for so many novice questions! Even answers to one or two questions will be appreciated! Thank you
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